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In our ongoing series, which features some of Minnesota's COOLest restaurants, activities and events, we dig into what's going on in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth or elsewhere in Minnesota. In October, the Three Rivers Park District hosts the Halloween Family Celebration - themed activities in various parks. Activities include creating crazy cardboard costumes in Silverwood Park, tricking - or treating - through the forests at Hyland Lake Park Reserve, turning miniature pumpkins into boats at Carl Kroening Interpretive Center, and more. In addition to these special events, this farm also offers other activities for children - a Halloween costume contest, Halloween crafts, a pumpkin carving contest and much more!

To add to the fun, there are dozens of other activities that families with small children can enjoy in the Twin Cities this fall throughout October.

For extra Halloween fun, you will want to visit a farm and participate in some fun kids games - including friendly Halloween activities. Be ready to go to the farm this autumn, but be prepared, there are many other activities planned for you and your family in the Twin Cities in October and November. Show yourself and enjoy some of your favorite foods such as apples, oranges, applesauce, cherries, pears, peaches and much more.

It offers over a dozen activities, including a variety of activities for children, such as face painting, crafts, games and more.

The Aquatennial is summer pure, with nationally recognized fireworks and a full weekend of activities and activities. Take advantage of evening programs sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Minnesota Parks and Recreation and the City of St. Paul. For children who need some energy, there is a playground and a variety of fun activities for children and adults.

Fishing and picnics are popular, while hiking and biking along the Mississippi and Rum Rivers are popular. If you want to go outside and enjoy this wonderful time of year, there are dozens of festivals and events taking place across the state. Fortunately, Anoka has a wide range of activities where you can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, swimming, canoeing and much more. Traveling with Curiosities and Curiosities, "which features a living human suspension and many more bizarre and instagrammable sights stopping at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

For those who require watercraft, Duluth Experience offers special guided kayaking tours and shows. Take a fresh beer on behalf of the southwestern suburbs for an afternoon and load it on a pontoon with a few hop heads. Southern-style Poa Boy, paired with custard sundaes with sweet accessories, or lace up the Sperrys and stop by the local brewery to drink one or two of their signature beers.

The copper cow serves Instagram - ready-baked Shakespearean doughnuts and cupcakes, as well as a host of vegan options. This minority - owned by a vegan restaurant in downtown Duluth - has its own base with a menu dedicated to soul food lovers, including vegan corn bread with maple butter and vegan peanut butter.

Also known as the Ferry Street Bridge, it was built in the 1920s and connects Anoka with the neighbouring town of Champlin. It was built on a pedestrian bridge over the rum. Continue on the cycle and footpath, which will be renewed in June with a new cycle path, cycle paths and more. Walk through the park or cycle along the St. Paul's Gateway State Trail or continue along the newly redesigned bike and footpaths in downtown Duluth.

Look for the Kerfoot Canopy Tour in Henderson, about an hour southwest of the Twin Cities. Vermilion Soudan National Wildlife Refuge, the state's largest wildlife refuge, covers about 4,000 acres and features more than 1,500 acres of wildflowers, birds and other wildlife. Experience thrills above the tree line by taking a spin at Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge, located 30 miles southeast of St. Cloud.

The largest city in the county is St. Paul with a population of about 1.5 million people, and it is bordered by the Twin Cities, Minneapolis, St. Cloud, Duluth, Hennepin and Ramsey County. It is home to the Minnesota State Capitol, the University of Minnesota and the US House of Representatives.

Lakeview Tavern has a number of juicy IPAs and pale ales, and Lake Superior Beach Club is open every day of the week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., except weekends and holidays.

Those with a vegan background in the Twin Cities can enjoy restaurants and menus that are oriented towards black cultural and food traditions. Bus Stop Burgers & Brewhouse is a great place for a quick lunch or dinner with some of the best burgers in town, as well as some great beers.

From 1835 to 1871, the Red River Trail was one of the most popular hiking trails in the United States and an important source of transportation for the city of Saint Paul. North of this location, it passes the St. Paul River and Minnesota State Fairgrounds, as well as the University of Minnesota campus. From 1845 to 1868, this helped make Saint Paul the dominant transportation hub in the entire upper Midwest, due to its proximity to the Twin Cities.

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More About Anoka